3x Your Instagram Reach in 90 Days

I’ve 12x Kizkopop's reach in 90 days with Instagram Carousels so I'm confident I can 3x yours in the same amount of time.

Triple Your Instagram Reach and Engagement in 90 days
what I do

Serving mouth-watering, educational carousels

Dishing out bite-sized, educative carousels that increase your visibility using simple language that's easy to digest.

I know from experience that posting carousels consistently can triple your reach in 90 days.

These carousels are best for brands and entrepreneurs who want to raise their authority.

how I do it

Razor-sharp writing
and whistle-clean design

Using your original long-form content from blogs, podcasts, and videos, I trim the fat then sauté them with a pinch of spice and a pound of simplicity.

I combine strong writing and minimal design to convey complex information into digestible chunks.

Don't worry, I'm not skimping on the sauce either. You already know I write with attitude and meaning.


Here are a couple of slices


Plans for every content appetite

For the best results, your account should have 1,500+ real followers and use the full stack plan.

Ready to triple your reach?

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Raise your authority and
get leadership opportunities

What do Blake Mycoskie, Daymond John, and Monique Rodriguez have in common? They're authoritative leaders in their respective spaces.

They use their platforms to promote their companies, raise awareness around social missions and establish a worldwide presence.


Ambitious brands and high-value entrepreneurs who want to raise their authority

As an entrepreneur or CEO, your personal profile is where the media looks, how your peers connect with you, and the reason your employees trust you.

Especially if you're an introvert like me, and don't always want to be in the public eye, social content is the easiest and quickest way to increase your reach.

"Don’t be on social media
just to say you’re on it."

Richard Branson
Founder, Virgin Group

We grew from 3K to 63K in less than 16 months

In Jan 2019, I bought followers and automated my engagement to jumpstart Kizkopop's Instagram account. Big mistake! In Jul 2020, after being penalized by Instagram, I had to start all over from scratch.

I struggled to write good content and increase my reach organically. In Jul 2021 I figured it out, here are three main things I’ve learned:

• Share your perspective without apology
• Make hard concepts easy to understand
• Keep your carousel design simple


See what thousands
of people are saying

more than a verbal meal

Benefits of tripling your Instagram reach


Establish Thought-Leadership

Be the person everyone looks to for information, innovation, and inspiration.


Elevate Your Company Profile

Drive organic traffic to your company website with the potential to gain new customers.


Grow Your Influence

Improve your chances of being quoted or interviewed by reputable publications.


Gain New Partnerships

Connect with other high-value individuals and develop mutually beneficial relationships.


Get Leadership Opportunities

Become a speaker, coach, or mentor by sharing your knowledge and expertise.


Build a Thriving Community

Create a loyal fanbase that never leaves because they get value from your content.


Plans for every content appetite

For the best results, your account should have 1,500+ real followers and use the full stack plan.

Ready to triple your reach?

Book a call and let's chat.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

I'm not blowing smoke up your asparagus

How come you don’t guarantee followers?

Engagement and followers are vanity metrics. However, your following will grow with increased organic reach over time.

Where are your testimonials?

It's the first time I'm offering this service to anyone. After getting a few testimonials, I'll share them (prices will increase).

What’s your process for this offer?

• Contract
• Consultation
• Content planning
• Carousel design
• Submit for approval
• Send final carousels

What types of people do you work with?

I work with ambitious businesses (and high-value entrepreneurs) with less than $2M in revenue.

What do I need to work with you?

An Instagram account with at least 1,500 real followers, long-form videos, or written content like blogs and articles.

How do I get started?

Book a 15-minute chat so I can answer any questions you have and help you choose the best plan.

Are the carousels only for Instagram?

You can share them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest as well.

What other type of work do you do?

Kizkopop is a verbal identity studio. Brand Persona, Brand Messaging and Brand Writing are my core services.

Do you manage social media accounts?

Not for new clients.