Your sharpest and smartest marketing tool

Verbal Flip™ is your low-cost, high-return verbal identity manual to flip your language.

It guides you, your writers, and anyone who writes copy for your business through the steps necessary to create content that's on brand and on point.

Share it with your marketing, sales, customer service, or design teams to streamline your brand's communication.

Maintain consistency everywhere your brand speaks.


For ambitious businesses who want a world-class presence

You should have finalized your project last week, but you or your team can't seem to capture the brand's essence.

So you hire an expensive writer at the eleventh hour or work overtime to DIY it. However, the next dilemma is looming because the underlying problem still exists.

Verbal Flip™ will save you time and money while helping you communicate like the best brands worldwide.

Don't bust your budget on writers or spend hours doing it yourself. You have more important things to do.

Book your workshop

As part of your discovery, I'll facilitate a 3hr workshop to kick off your Verbal Flip™.

Please use the Calendly link to book a spot.

Bring your appetite for fun and games
Get to know your brand's sweet and sour side
Do the meaningful work to find the magic

The price of a defined verbal identity is cost-effectiveness


Week 1

  • Internal Brand Overview
    Let's look into your brand soul
  • Personality Workshop
    Identify your human brand
  • Voice Exploration
    Speak the way you (want to) look

Week 2-3

  • Grammar, Rhythm, Tone, Glossary
    Get a compact language system
  • Web and Social Media Writing Guide
    Know how to structure content
  • Three Writing Templates
    Headline, email or caption template

Week 3-4

  • Verbal Manual
    18 pages+, PDF file
  • Recommendations
    Overall branding guidance


  • Onboarding
    Review your manual with me
  • Support
    Get feedback after activation

Preliminary Work

Be prepared to complete a brief competitor and audience analysis.



I'll mark you as confirmed after you sign the contract and pay in full.