We’re the right-brain partner for your left-brain projects

Our proprietary Six Thinking Pens writing methodology yields fresh, flavorful messaging that outperforms your competitors. We combine our experience and expertise to create verbal identities people can’t ignore. Our right-brain thinking is the goodnight sleep you’ve been missing.

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About us

Language is our sweet spot, and simplicity is our superpower

Verbal identity is a brand’s use of language to influence consumers’ perceptions. Without language, your fintech can’t communicate. We believe distinct language is your competitive advantage and the secret ingredient to simple communication.

Simplicity tells a powerful story. We achieve increased efficiency, clarity, and conciseness through simplicity that delivers simple experiences. At every touchpoint and on any platform, our verbal identities are clear, digestible, and to the point.

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Our principles

The penned commandments


Share knowledge

Shared knowledge sparks new ideas and catalyzes collective growth and innovation. It democratizes information and breaks down barriers to education and learning.


Make it simple

Convey your message clearly and concisely, avoiding complex language. This makes it accessible to many people while being simple enough for a 5th grader to grasp.


Show personality

Infuse your writing with traits that reflect your individuality, beliefs, or voice. We connect with people through our personalities, inviting them into our world.


Get to the point

Respect your audience’s time and attention by delivering essential information without fluff. It ensures they quickly grasp the message or intent behind your words.

Meet Kezia

Kezia, the verbal identity strategist who feeds on words

Kezia’s saucy yet sweet personality produces messaging with attitude and meaning. Her transition from visual to verbal branding gives her a multidisciplinary perspective. She’s the strategic thinker who pioneered the Six Thinking Pens process.

A Jamaican-born solo traveler with a love of technology, Kezia’s hobbies include fishing, drawing, reading, writing, and museum hopping. Her MBA in Marketing and a BA in Graphic Design make her a well-rounded communicator. Her certifications in Brand Strategy and Social Media Marketing make her communication well-defined.

She’s an award-winning marketer and a LinkedIn Community Top Voice with over 18 years of experience in the creative field.

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“We were impressed that Kizkopop understood our voice in such a short time frame. They created a customer-focused tagline that perfectly aligned with our mission. We’ve worked with other copy experts before but knew Kizkopop was the right partner to help us define our messaging to communicate our offering.”

Sam Garrison
COO Stackin

“Since Kizkopop did a phenomenal job creating FIRM1040’s verbal identity, I turned to them to help me develop a brand story to pitch my fintech to investors. They helped me develop an authentic, engaging, and personal founder story. I’ve won over USD 43K in pre-seed funding from pitch competitions in one year.”

Cherie Williams
Founder and CEO, Veekle

“We’ve been working on our app for a few years and couldn’t decide what information to share. Kizkopop gave us guidance on communicating the most valuable points.”

Blaire + Brit
Co-founders, Sowilo

“I wanted my message to be impactful and attention-grabbing. Kizkopop helped me refine my value proposition into a tangible and more meaningful statement.”

Crystal Perkins
CEO, God and Goals

“As a Mexican brand with a rich history, we have so much to tell. But we need to make it simple and clear to our customers and the community we want to build. Kizkopop gave us the critical outside opinion we needed.”

Emilio Romo
Owner, Querido Tequila

“Kizkopop was flexible and super easy to work with. Their professionalism and work ethic put me at ease during our time together. I recommend them to anyone who needs to get work done without worrying if it will be done right.”

Michelle Draper

“Kizkopop created our verbal identity as part of our rebrand. They created our naming (which we trademarked), tagline, positioning, and brand voice. Since then, we’ve been able to attract our ideal audience and increase our annual revenue by 65% with a YOY growth of 7%. We’re happy with the results.”

Cherie Williams, CPA
Owner, FIRM1040

“When I contacted Kizkopop, I was unclear about my voice and messaging. They suggested the Verbal Flip, which gave me clarity and direction. I enjoyed the personality workshop because I got to talk through things I didn’t know how to articulate. I feel confident that I now have the clarity to explain what I do and how I do it in my brand voice.”

Teal Godesky
Owner, BodyKnowledge

“I needed a message that showed my audience I could help them with their careers and love. But through working with Kizkopop, I realized my audience wanted reassurance. So, they created a hook that perfectly explains what I do (palm readings) and how I do it (with 99% accuracy).”

Summer Evans
Owner, The Beverly Psychic

“Kizkopop’s Copy Crawl™ showed us that we weren’t effectively communicating who we help and how we help them. The insightful results helped us define our ideal audience and focus our messaging.”

Crystal P. Sherrill
Owner, CPS and Company


The brilliant questions people frequently ask

What type of fintechs do you work with?

Starting March 2024, we work with fintech underdogs across these categories. They include Payments and Transfers, Lending and Financing, Personal Finance and Wealth Management, InsurTech, RegTech, and Banking.

Whether you’re disrupting traditional financial services or pioneering new ways, we’re here to help you bring the sizzle so you can grow.

How much do you charge?

We understand that each project is unique, so we tailor our fees according to the scope of work required and our clients' budget. To ensure we can dedicate the appropriate attention and resources to your project, our minimum engagement fee is USD 6,500; the average client investment is USD 25,000.

Please book a call to get an accurate idea of how we can assist you and what the investment would look like.

What’s included in a verbal identity project?

Our comprehensive approach includes several key components to ensure your brand communicates effectively and memorably. This includes Unique Selling Proposition, Brand Voice Development, Messaging FrameworkCopywriting and Web Content Creation, Brand NamingTaglines, Hooks, and Verbal Branding Guidelines.

Each verbal identity project is tailored to meet our clients’ specific asset needs and business goals. Brand strategy and positioning are prerequisites.

How does the subscription work?

Our subscription model supports your brand’s verbal identity, ensuring it remains dynamic and effective as you grow. Here’s how it works:

Tailored Plans - We offer two subscription tiers to match your brand’s changing needs and budgets: USD 4,000/mo and 6,000/mo.

Monthly Deliverables
- You’ll receive a set of monthly deliverables based on your subscription level. One request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.

Priority Support
- You’ll have priority access to our team. This means faster response times and the ability to request urgent support or revisions.

Flexibility to Scale
- Scale up or down based on your current requirements. We can adjust the scope of services to meet your needs.

Simplified Billing
- Enjoy the convenience of a fixed monthly fee that covers all your verbal identity needs.

Our subscription is designed to be a partnership that grows with you. We’re committed to providing services and value that evolve with your fintech, ensuring your verbal identity always resonates with your target audience and market dynamics.

Do you offer any writing courses or workshops?

While we don’t offer writing courses, we provide a specialized full-day workshop for corporate writing teams. This exclusive workshop delves into our Six Thinking Pens, a tailored approach to enhance your team’s writing skills and creativity.

The workshop arms your writers with strategies and tools to craft compelling, clear, and effective copy that aligns with your brand’s voice and goals. It’s an opportunity for your team to learn directly from us, ensuring they can apply our creative method to elevate your brand’s written communications.

This corporate workshop is perfect for companies looking to refine their messaging and enhance their overall communication strategy from within.

Investment is USD 8k with travel and accommodations.