Our proprietary process

Inspired by the strategic wisdom of Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® and tailored for succinct brand writing, our process harnesses the full spectrum of persuasive communication, including ethos, pathos, and logos.

We pioneered The Six Thinking Pens, an offbeat methodology to create differentiated verbal identity assets that jump off the page.

Each pen identifies a distinct step or writing function, offering a structured writing process and covering all dimensions necessary for mouth-watering, intoxicating messaging.

How it works


Over multiple client projects, we've refined our proprietary model while perfecting it as we learn and grow.

Read our case studies to see how we use our process to create compelling verbal identity assets.

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The Blue Pen - Clarity

The Blue Pen represents clarity in planning. It sets the direction and outlines the project objectives and parameters in the discovery phase. It focuses on alignment and consistency.

The White Pen - Research

The White Pen incorporates research and insights to ground our messaging. It edits our writing through a statistical lens and builds credibility with facts and objective data.

The Red Pen - Emotions

The Red Pen highlights the audience’s feelings and attitudes about our client’s industry and brand. We use their desires, fears, likes, and dislikes to influence messaging infused with passion, empathy, and humanity.

The Green Pen - Creativity

The Green Pen explores divergent writing and thinking. It plays with language and allows us to get drunk on words. It calls on literary devices to push the boundaries of our imagination.

The Black Pen - Objectivity

The Black Pen is used for critical judgment. It highlights messaging problems, negative aspects, difficulties, or risks. It also exposes the weaknesses in our ideas and addresses potential counterarguments.

The Yellow Pen - Optimism

The Yellow Pen spotlights the strength of our ideas and looks at other messaging possibilities. It looks at the positives and potential added value.

Our project phases

We produce strategy-fed verbal identities that bear fruit

01. Discovery phase

We start by empathizing with your problem and formulating a customer-centric communication strategy. We remove biases to acquire key insights into your customers’ needs.

Deliverable: Compact communication strategy

02. Development phase

In some cases, we need to do a workshop. Otherwise, we write, revise, edit, and seek your feedback. We have everything professionally proofread when they’re finalized and approved.

Deliverable: Copy edits (if applicable)

03. Delivery phase

We add our finishing touches and final edits before uploading all your deliverables to Dropbox. You’ll have access to the folder for up to 30 days.

Deliverable: Final files

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