Aligning the Message With the Mission

Stackin case study

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Aligning the Message With the Mission


Stackin is a financial well-being app combining finance with behavioral insights to create tools that establish sustainable habits and improve people’s money mindsets.

They lean on empirically tested and clinically backed approaches to behavior change. They aim to help customers align their spending with their values, making them feel better about their money.

Industry - Fintech


Over half of millennial Americans, 22-34-year-olds, are financially ill. They experience financial anxiety that stems from a broken relationship with money. They need a solution that gets behind the wallet and uncovers the psychological cause. Our mission was to increase brand awareness of a concept that uses behavioral science to control money.


We created a tagline that captured the essence of Stackin’s novel approach to financial wellness.


After successful Series A and Series B rounds and adding one million active users to their platform, Stackin wanted to increase brand awareness by introducing a broader audience to a novel concept. As consumers’ interest in financial therapy and wellness rose, Stackin contacted Kizkopop to create a tagline that clarified who they were while speaking to consumers’ needs.


Stackin, a brand synonymous with innovative financial wellness, recognized the need for a fresh perspective to enhance their branding strategy. Despite the advantages of handling branding in-house, such as cost-effectiveness, a deep understanding of the company’s mission, and versatility, Stackin faced limitations in resources and specialized skills.

These challenges became apparent as they strived to evolve from the initial concept of “therapy for your wallet” to promoting sustainable behavior change in financial habits. Acknowledging the need for an external viewpoint to refine their messaging, Stackin sought collaboration with Kizkopop to provide the fresh eyes and expertise needed to create a tagline aligned with their mission.


We used our proprietary Six Thinking Pens™ method to create a tagline Stackin could take to the bank.

  • Clarity [The Blue Pen] - We started this project with a creative brief to understand the goal, company, brand, audience, and competitors. Stackin’s service isn’t about managing money but about fostering a healthy relationship with it.
  • Research [The White Pen] - We used research to look at messaging possibilities from three angles based on Stackin’s brand voice.
    - Relationship
    - Stackin’s customers don’t understand how money works, so they can’t spend it on things they enjoy while saving. Getting to the root of their relationship with money helps Stackin understand how to break each individual’s struggle cycle.
    - Narrative - Stackin’s customers want better spending habits to get the most out of life. However, their beliefs about money cause them to feel fearful or avoid dealing with it. Although their beliefs are valid, there’s a better story they can tell themselves, and Stackin can show them how.
    - Transformation - Stackin’s customers want the most out of life regardless of how much they earn. But, they have a psychological barrier preventing them from accomplishing their ambitious dreams. Stackin’s psychological approach helps customers change their mindsets and transform their lives.
  • Emotions [The Red Pen] - Customers want to pay off debt, take vacations, and spend without worry. They want to feel less anxious about money, so it was essential to convey that Stackin isn’t helping them create more money but more flexibility.
  • Creativity [The Green Pen] - We wrote over 37 taglines using personification, alliteration, similes, anaphora, and metaphors. Testing various literary devices expanded our options while avoiding themes from previous taglines.
  • Objectivity [The Black Pen] - We eliminated two of the three messaging possibilities because they pulled us away from Stackin’s mission of making people feel confident and in control.
  • Optimism [The Yellow Pen] - We chose the transformation angle for Stackin’s tagline because they longed to see their “customers start somewhere and grow into something positive.”


After six iterations, we landed on a tagline that felt good. It reflected that positive financial behaviors are building blocks, or “stacks,” leading their audience toward a healthier, more sustainable relationship with money.


The tagline resonated with Stackin and their audience so much that they changed their domain from stackin.com to startstackin.com.

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“ We were impressed that Kizkopop understood our voice in such a short time frame. They created a customer-focused tagline that perfectly aligned with our mission. We’ve worked with other copy experts before but knew Kizkopop was the right partner to help us define our messaging to communicate our offering.”  - Sam Garrison | COO, Stackin

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