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Delivering Fresh Copy to Brooklyn, New York

ZUU Freight case study

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Delivering Fresh Copy to Brooklyn, New York

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ZUU Freight is a privately held freight brokerage that partners with shippers and carriers to provide various managed logistics services.

They deliver optimized, cost-effective solutions tailored to each customer. Their ability to tap into a vast network of vetted transport partners accelerates the performance and growth of their customer’s supply chain.

Industry - Transportation


If the copy isn’t strong enough, the message breaks, and the interest goes to pieces. Good copy is a prerequisite to clear communication. It helps the reader complete the message on their behalf. Our mission was to help ZUU Freight speak as clearly as they think and sound as confidently as they move.


We gave ZUU Freight a copy refresh that captured their street smarts and reflected their Brooklyn heritage.


ZUU Freight wanted their website copy to sound “fresh and new” with words that channeled their personality and helped them stand out in an industry where sharp copy is undervalued and nonexistent. Lacking the correct language to express themselves made them apprehensive and withdrawn during customer interactions. They contacted Kizkopop to help them articulate who they are.


Most people lack superb writing skills, and Zavon, ZUU Freight’s founder, admitted he was one of them. Although he understood every aspect of his business, he needed help clearly articulating who they were.

He hesitated to pursue opportunities due to his lack of clarity in speaking about his company’s what, how, and why. Being an entrepreneur in New York comes with many challenges. It’s a competitive landscape where one bad communication can stain your reputation.

Zavon knew their website copy lacked the ingredients to stand out online and inform their customers, so he wanted to change that.


We used our proprietary Six Thinking Pens™ method to rewrite ZUU Freight’s copy.

  • Clarity [The Blue Pen] - When we crawled ZUU Freight’s website copy, we immediately saw the need for a copy rewrite. Although we could feel their essence through the seams, their copy lacked persuasive and top-of-funnel (TOFU) language. We noted our observations and outlined the project goals to seek alignment in solving the right problem.
  • Research [The White Pen] - We did a light customer and competitor analysis to understand the transportation industry and its perceptions better. We analyzed behavior, language, beliefs, and interests on the customer side. We looked at services, customer reviews, and differentiators on the competitor side.
  • Emotions [The Red Pen] - Because ZUU Freight runs a B2B operation, there wasn’t much to uncover about consumers’ feelings and attitudes in the transportation/logistics space. We did, however, find concerns around timeliness that we included in our work.
  • Creativity [The Green Pen] - We added creative flair with similes and metaphors to make the copy bounce while sprinkling the Brooklyn flavor throughout the page.
  • Objectivity [The Black Pen] - Branding seems like a nice-to-have in the transportation/logistics industry, so nearly all the websites in that space echo a me-too vibe. We wanted ZUU’s language to resonate with their audience. Still, we didn’t want to sound like everyone else, so we used familiar words like a symphonic composition to create copy that sounded like new music.
  • Optimism [The Yellow Pen] - We used heritage to complement ZUU Freight’s personality and enhance the copy’s voice and tone.


After two weeks of writing and revising, we presented ZUU Freight with a website copy that shined brighter than a clean NYC taxi on a sunny day. It’s the kind of copy that wears Timberland boots in the summer; it makes you stop and stare.


ZUU Freight’s ability to confidently speak about their business’s end-to-end operations has increased.

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